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Johnson Gray, LLC, is a Midwest personal injury law firm dedicated to serving families located across Missouri and Illinois that have been injured by the negligence of others. The attorneys at Johnson Gray are experienced lawyers that are licensed in Missouri and Illinois. We have fought and won millions of dollars for our clients, at no up-front cost to them. We are focused on serious injury cases including workplace accidents, workers compensation, tractor trailer accidents, wrongful death, drunk driving accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrians hit by motor vehicles. Even though we deal with multiple million-dollar cases every day, our focus is to help anyone who has been hurt by no fault of their own, regardless of the size of their case. We have offices in West St. Louis County to better serve and protect families injured in by negligent drivers and negligent companies.


At Johnson Gray, we strive to provide consistently excellent legal representation to injured people and their families. As personal injury lawyers, our job is to make things right for our clients to the extent the law allows. As your St. Louis personal injury attorneys, we can assist you if:


  • You have been injured in a car, motorcycle, drunk driving or semi-truck accident
  • A family member of yours has been killed by defective industrial machinery or dangerous construction equipment 
  • You have been permanently disabled due to an accident at work
  • You or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse
  • You or a loved one was hurt on someone else's property
  • You or a loved one was injured because of a dangerous product
  • You or a loved one has been injured or killed in a recreational activity


Insurance companies and the corporations, businesses, and professionals they insure, pay for their mistakes only when they have to — and then only enough to avoid the risk of losing more at trial. The more risk defendants perceive, the more compensation responsible parties will pay to you and your family. That is where we come in.


At Johnson Gray, our attorneys know how to package cases for settlement and how to present cases at trial to achieve the best results for our clients. We have favorably resolved hundreds of claims and since we only represent plaintiffs for fees that are dependent on the outcome, the better we do for you, the better we do for ourselves. But the contingent fee system also requires that we be selective in the cases we handle. No one benefits from frivolous litigation — not you, not us and certainly not the legal system.


We may decline a case but, if we do, we will tell our prospective client exactly why. Sometimes it may be because the law does not support a claim; other times we may refer people to different attorneys for a variety of reasons; sometimes we may even suggest that you handle the matter yourself. But, in any case involving complicated facts, serious injuries or difficult legal issues, the result of which could adversely impact you or your family, you should hire an attorney who represents plaintiffs, only plaintiffs, and does it full time.


Be careful of television advertisers who work on volume by promising you the world but hand off your case if they cannot quickly and easily settle it. Our goal is the opposite: to represent clients with better cases so we can devote more attention to you and your claim. Also, be aware of firms that claim to handle personal injury cases, as well as many other legal matters, without any detailed information about the lawyers’ credentials and experience.


Johnson Gray’s lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience representing victims of the negligence of others. Before you hire any attorney or law firm, check them out carefully, not only through word of mouth, but also through their website and any information you obtain from it.






The difference between a minor injury or a herniated disk can be tens of thousands of dollars. The difference between the temporary inability to work and permanent disability can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The difference between the trial of a well-prepared paraplegia or quadriplegia case and one that is settled without adequate investigation can be millions of dollars. These differences often depend on the attorney. Not that money is the only object — peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have someone representing you, looking out for your family, and fighting for your legal rights is sometimes the best reason to hire a lawyer. We hope you will consider Johnson Gray, but whatever you do, consult an attorney. The initial consult is free and often helpful, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Those who do not know their legal rights risk losing them.


Our office number is 314-385-9500, or if you would prefer you can contact us via email at 



Johnson Gray, LLC has recovered millions of dollars for injury victims and their families. The firm is led by attorney Rick Johnson who who is recognized by his peers in the the legal community as one of the top personal injury trial lawyers.  Johnson Gray has tried numerous jury trials in  Missouri . Johnson Gray is a member of the Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Million Dollar Advocates Forum as a result of obtaining multiple million dollar verdicts and settlements.  Johnson Gray is also a member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, American Association of Justice and Missouri Bar.




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