Wrongful Death


When reckless indifference to the safety of others and acts of negligence results in a wrongful death, the attorneys at Johnson Gray are here to help families seek compensation for the loss of a loved one.


Our experienced lawyers address the emotional and financial effect on families of a wrongful death. We look at the value of lost income, damage to the family as a group, and the grief, bereavement, emotional pain, and suffering. Our efforts to discover the negligence behind the cause of a fatal accident involve working with investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other specialists in engineering, manufacturing, forensics, and medicine.




If you have suffered the loss of a family member due to the negligence of law enforcement, individuals, or businesses, you deserve justice and fair compensation for your loss. Contact the lawyers at Johnson Gray today. We have built a reputation for providing exemplary legal representation focused on protecting your rights, while holding law enforcement officers, drivers, pilots, health care professionals, manufacturers, employers, and others liable for their careless behavior.




All parties with liability, including insurance companies and corporations can be held responsible in a wrongful death lawsuit. While corporations and insurance companies may appear to have endless resources at their disposal, our lawyers work with teams of experts and specialists to build a case using the latest technologies and available data on accident causes and effects. We know how to confidently prepare and present wrongful death cases that effectively convince juries and judges to deliver favorable outcomes.




If your family has been the victim of a fatal car accident, drunk driver fatality, medical mistake, or other wrongful death, find justice today. Contact the experienced lawyers at Johnson Gray and learn how we can help your family hold the guilty accountable and recover fair compensation for the loss of a loved one. 


Our office number is 314-385-9500, or if you would prefer you can contact us via email at info@johnsongray.com.


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